Economic evaluation of the Reablement Approach to assessment for Home and Community (HACC) Service Clients

In 2016, Access Care Network Australia (ACNA), a subsidiary of Silver Chain, appointed HOI to undertake an economic evaluation of the reablement approach to the assessment of older people for Home and Community (HACC) services. The goal of a reablement approach is to allow people to remain living at home independently for as long as they are able. ACNA integrated this reablement focus into the broader assessment process for HACC services, and sought an economic evaluation of this approach. HOI was subsequently engaged by ACNA to: 

  • Validate the existing economic model, including the assumptions underpinning the analysis, the approach taken for the economic modelling, and the results obtained.
  • Undertake further, more sophisticated economic modelling including:
    –  Extending the results to provide an estimate of the potential savings that might be expected to accrue to the government were a reablement approach to be implemented across a region and nationally;
    –  Improving the method of analysis to provide a more robust methodology, such as using individual level data to model cost effectiveness rather than aggregated figures; and
    –  Conducting sensitivity analysis around the resulting figures to provide greater insight into the results.