Behaviour Support Services Project

In 2015, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services appointed HOI to undertake the Behaviour Support Project, with two key project components:

  1. Evaluation of the Victorian Autism Spectrum Disorder Behaviour Support Program (BSP) delivered by ASPECT.
  2. Comprehensive scoping of the existing government funded behaviour support system in Victoria and also an overview of the private behaviour support services system.

Key consultancy activities included: development of an Evaluation Framework in consultation with key stakeholders; situation analysis to establish a knowledge base of contemporary best practice and innovative approaches; mapping of the Autism Spectrum Disorder service system; case studies in four locations to determine the effectiveness and impact of the Program. A Final Evaluation Report was delivered to the Department, incorporating a detailed assessment of the findings of the evaluation; scoping of the behaviour support service system in Victoria; associated recommendations and opportunities for improvement; and an assessment of the Victorian model compared with other behaviour support service models in place at the time.